Cambrian Professional Centre
41 Chelsea Street, N.W. Calgary AB. T2K1P1
This page was last updated on: February 27, 2018
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Map of 41 Chelsea St Nw
Calgary, AB
We are improving ...........
The original look in July 1997.
New landscape and widen stairs on April, 1998
New awning are set up on March 1999
New Planters built  in front of 
the lower entrance on Aug 2000
Old Roof
New Capsheet roof replace the old gravel roof on May 2001
New Computer server was set up to cope with the High Speed Internet service provide a fast and reliable connection to our tenants on Aug. 2002.

New improved Coffee room provide clean and neat place for refreshment. on Jan. 2003

Install new RO filter system to provide clean water at all time.
on June 2004.

2005  Aug  Upgrade our internet connection to Business High speed X-treme-1.
         Sep  Upgrade all washrooms floor to ceramic tile.
2006   March  Replace all old toilet to water saving 6L tank
        October  Install new RW215 drinking water cooler

2007     Feb   Renovate basement for Room 30
             July   Replace new motor on roof exhaused fan
                       Install Air-Conditioner on reception area

2008      Feb   Upgrade new computer server for Internet, replace new router and upgrade 
                        internet connection with power boost  (download/upload as of Mar 18 : 24607  976 kbps)
          March   Complete cleaning, change all sensors, thermostats, reading meter on main floor boiler.

2009     March    Refurish whole boiler system.
            June      Replace all hallway lighting to latest T-12 system.
            August   Painting all interior walls, washrooms, 

2010     Feb       Rebuild flooring on stair from Main floor to basement.
            Nov       New two faces sign board   

2011     March    Replace all lighting in basement   

2013    April       Re-Build Wind Mobil tower

2013    June       Replace new sewer line from building to
                         City main.

2014    Sep        Install new awning on lower level entrance

2016  Sep    replace and upgrade most of the door on main level
                     install security bar on all windows
                     Add security cameras
                     Re-paint the whole building outside wall

2017    May  Replace all windows facing 14th Street.
            July  Replace windows facing Chelsea Street
            Oct   Replace all main door parts